No angle or perspective is out of reach.

Our services


Whether it’s for commercial clients, agencies, filmmakers or studios, Aether can execute from concept to completion. We work with our clients from pre-to-post production to ensure that the vision is executed and the audience gets it.

Virtual Reality

Having established ourselves as industry leaders in camera motion, we’ve expanded our services to include virtual reality. We’re partnering with some of the top names in VR to bring immersive experiences to a larger audience.

Asset Distribution

We understand that the work isn’t over once the content is made. That’s why we’ve developed the talent to help you distribute the final product. From media planning to social campaigns and interactive displays, the goal is to reach target audiences and garnish views.

Camera Operators
and Technicians

We use our expertise in high-end camera rigs and specialty film tools on all kinds of sets. Our aerial units work on everything from big time commercials to music videos, while our cinematographers are on short films, television series and more. We encourage directors and producers to reach out and let us help you design jaw-dropping shots.