Free Power


Free Power  is a feature-length documentary that examines the experiences of four families as they attempt to make their homes energy efficient. The film explores the ongoing push for electrification and scrutinizes the obstacles that power municipalities and partisan policies present across the country. Free Power  demonstrates how passive building provides safer and cheaper shelter for people of all income levels.

Director's Statement

Free Power  was one of the most unique projects I have ever had the opportunity to work on. Funny enough, it didn’t start as a feature film project. In 2018, we were approached by a couple to help document an electrification retrofit of their home. After about a week on the project I realized there was a much larger story to tell. Some of their frustrations with the process were common amongst other homeowners, who were trying to electrify their dwellings. The project snowballed as we found other exciting subjects and started to uncover other obstacles in the way of electrifying our homes.

Free Power  focuses on issues that affect humankind on a global level. Climate-based subject matter is inherently nuanced and can be difficult to navigate. This created a unique challenge for our editorial team. We approached the subject with a sense of humor and presented our findings through a non-partisan lens. While the film is not yet finished, we are looking forward to a successful festival run and world-wide release in 2025.

— Andrew Mackenzie