Professional surfer and frequent surf industry antagonist Albee Layer approached Aether Films to produce a short film featuring his best waves of 2022. This piece was inspired by the Greek legend of Sisyphus, in which a man who cheated death was eventually banished to Hades to push a boulder up a mountain only to have it roll down once he reached the top – for eternity. This metaphor aligned with Albee’s career in professional surfing: once any goal is accomplished, it’s time to push the next boulder to the next peak. 

In Delirium, Aether Films utilized several abstract segments to break up Albee’s phenomenal surfing which took place from Hawaii to the Oregon coast. Driven by a voiceover, this piece brings an extreme athlete’s psyche to the forefront and questions the purpose of goals, progression, and devoting one’s life to complex passions.

Director's Statement

Directing and producing Delirium  with Albee was one of my greatest joys of 2022. Albee is one of my favorite surfers to watch. When Albee brought up the legend of Sisyphus, it instantly struck a chord with me, given I frequently have the same feelings when directing films. Delirium  gave me the opportunity to be abstract and artistic with both my writing and the visuals for the transitional sections. I also loved blending Albee’s eclectic music style alongside my erratic music taste. It was so rewarding to see the feedback that this piece received and to tour the film throughout California. 

— Kyle Bullington