A self-taught, punk filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist, RONAK grew up writing, acting, dancing, making music and creating videos.

This lifelong immersion in the performing arts has led to his non-traditional approach to directing, where he views his canvas not as the visual medium, but rather the viewer’s mind — counterpunching culture, looking to subvert audience expectations at every turn.

At the core of MINDLESSchild, his creative studio practice, is a belief in the unity between art and commerce. Great art drives commerce, and a beautiful product or valuable service, is in essence, art. When aligned with his interests like, technology, motorsports, mixed martial arts, fashion, or music – this perspective has enabled successful collaborations in advertising for brands like Sony, HP, Logitech, and Red Bull.

His process always begins with trying to find the right questions to ask, looking to isolate, distill, filter, and focus on the core, essence, and soul of every creative communication.

Looking ahead, RONAK is eager to push the boundaries of non-traditional advertising as branded content, series, and music videos, among other formats. He strives to harness the transformative power of art, crafting experiences that present new perspectives, prompt unexplored questions, and foster empathy for diverse lives and narratives.

He is currently developing a variety of projects, including hybrid unscripted and scripted films and series, as well as art projects. He is driven by the ambition to create works that resonate as deeply with audiences as the art, films, and music that originally ignited his passion for the craft.

You'll Feel It Campaign

Vive Organic

You'll Feel It Campaign

Vive Organic


HP Envy

Live Again



Red Bull

The Purest Sport

Wave Nature