Uber Freight Launch

After working with Uber for months on new campaigns for their Advanced Technologies Group, they asked us to produce the media for their latest launch: Uber Freight. We wanted to create a journey that embodied the trucker lifestyle. We also wanted to convey that Uber Freight would give truckers control and freedoms that they previously didn’t have. Our production team hit the road to scout a diverse range of locations in the western United States. Once we had everything pre-visualized and locked in, we set-off on the road with a small production team to shoot roughly ten locations over five days. We approached this as a true road piece; staying in motels night after night and spending a lot of time on the road in transit to our next location. The piece was very well received by both the client and viewers.


It was a dream come true to work with Taylor Steele on his latest film: Proximity. This was the type of project that only Taylor could pull-off; pairing the top surfers in the world together for international trips that could compare and contrast their various styles in both surfing and life. It was one of our most challenging projects to date simply because the locations and conditions were all complex in different ways. Aether provided the aerial unit for a majority of the project. Flying in high winds and over rough seas with big drones is never easy, which forced us to continually push our equipment to its limits. We were thrilled to be involved and to get to learn from the amazing production and cinematography teams. The final film turned out incredible and we highly encourage you to give it a watch!

Under the Canopy: VR in The Amazon

We’re always on the hunt for projects that line up with our goals and values as filmmakers. We were thrilled to get a call asking us to handle all of the camera motion for a Conservation International VR piece in the Amazon. Our team worked closely with Jaunt to design camera rigs that would meet the specifications of the shots laid out in their storyboard. This involved custom designing a drone, a cable cam system and enlisting a rigging team to safely secure points in the canopy for our various motion systems. There were a lot of technical complications with operating our equipment in isolated Amazonian locations, but our team was able to overcome the challenges and achieve some cutting edge shots. We continue to work with Jaunt and other high-end VR production companies to help them achieve complex shots.