Aether Films

Aether Films originated from three friends — Andrew, Kyle, and Davis. The legend goes: Andrew returned from a surf trip with a photo of a drone and a curiosity for the potential of aerial cinematography. Despite having zero knowledge of drones (but fueled by one beer), Davis confidently said, “I can build that.” One year later, in 2014, Aether Films was officially founded through their background in engineering, journalism, and a “do it yourself” attitude.

In less than 10 years, Aether Films has grown from a garage into a spacious, multi-building operation in El Segundo, hosting an in-house production team, post-production department, and a R&D warehouse full of cutting-edge equipment, including drones, 3D printers, camera systems, and robotics.

Through their partnership with sister company, LIGHTCRAFT, Aether Films consistently designs shots that have never been seen before. Their passion for designing and creating the unimaginable is what drives them forward, and their commitment to doing it themselves from scratch is what sets them apart.

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