We create immersive visuals for dynamic brands.

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Aether Films transpired when three friends realized their differing skills and interests could work incredibly well together. Andrew, a photojournalism major with a background in film production challenged Davis, a biomedical engineer, to build a drone capable of flying a small DSLR camera. After watching that idea come to life, they were instantly hooked. Kyle joined not long after to complete the puzzle and offers insight on content, sales and marketing.
With backgrounds in film, storytelling, engineering and robotics, we use our knowledge to think outside the box and bring stunning visuals to life. Our ability to design and operate a variety of remote controlled camera rigs allows us to tailor equipment to the job, ensuring no angle or perspective is out of reach.
We provide full service production, from initial concept brainstorming to final delivery and distribution. Our creative services are also available for contracted projects, where we’re often brought on to utilize our camera skills, specialty equipment and expertise. We've worked on everything from commercials, corporate pieces and music videos to television episodes, independent projects and feature length films. Reach out with what you have in mind; we'd love to hear from you and are open to all kinds of ideas.

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