The Making of Trilogy New Wave


While filming Trilogy: New Wave,  the crew becomes first hand witness to the devastating effects of the climate crisis. From the bleached coral reefs in Tahiti to the strip mining of the South African coast, the Aether Films team partners with A New Earth Project to show the climate-driven destruction that reaches remote corners of the world.


Director's Statement

Getting to play a part in the Trilogy: New Wave  legacy was a true honor. As Andy and I discussed each trip in detail, we realized that there were common threads of destruction in these remote locations caused by mining, drilling, and plastic pollution. Our journalist backgrounds kicked in with a desire to show the major issues that were happening in these small, isolated communities. 

Andy connected with A New Earth Project, an incredible organization whose goal is to change the way our supply chain handles single-use plastic. Our collaboration with A New Earth allowed us to pitch a four-episode series that would tell the story of how Trilogy: New Wave  was made and how the communities we went to—Peru, Tahiti, Indonesia, and South Africa—are affected by industries that are catastrophic to the environment. 

I’ve made documentaries and short form commercials for B Corps and NonProfits throughout my career, and having the opportunity to make a piece that shows how surfing, filmmaking, traveling, and local organizations can join forces to address a global issue in an impactful way was very fulfilling. Our edit team, led by Brendan Arnett, worked tirelessly to weave these stories together. Andrea Carrino spent weeks finding footage and laying the groundwork for this series to come alive. I’m so grateful to Andrew, Kyle, and Don Meek for their patience and trust to make sure the Trilogy legacy and the authenticity of this story remains strong.

— Brooks Burgoon