Produced in tandem with the world’s most prolific skimboarder and wake surfer, Austin Keen, Matador  offers an intimate portrait into skimboarding one of the world’s heaviest shorebreak waves at Lover’s Point in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Leveraging some of the world’s latest camera technology, Aether looked to present skimboarding in a new and exciting light. The short features never before seen angles and some of the best skimboarding ever captured in 4k.

Director's Statement

Austin Keen is truly one of a kind. He is a multi-dimensional athlete with an amazing understanding of storytelling. Austin first approached us wanting to showcase one of his favorite waves in the world. After speaking with Austin, it was obvious to me that this was an amazing opportunity. My immediate thought was to place the camera where it hadn’t ever been before, leveraging some of the latest tools and technologies that we had been developing. We tracked swells until we were confident that the waves would be big enough and traveled with a small team to Mexico to shoot. The result was a short that shows the sport in a new light, giving viewers a vision of what it’s like to skim one of the heaviest shorebreak waves in the world.

— Andrew Mackenzie