Set present day in a Midwestern gated community, residents Nijm (Saleh Bakri) and Irina (Iva Gocheva) discover all of their neighbors have gone “snowbirding” for the winter. They hatch a devious plan to ditch work and set out to tour the whole neighborhood, visiting every single empty house for a drink. With each visit, a new drink is poured and startling revelations of their relationship are revealed… until their once idyllic suburban life becomes uprooted for good.

Director's Statement

The film focuses on a variety of themes: co-dependent relationships, the breakdown of traditional patriarchy, alcoholism, and structure versus spontaneity in American culture. It is not an immigrant story of coming to America, battling adversity, and succeeding in the end. Rather, it’s a very humane portrait of two outsiders who are struggling to keep romance alive while enjoying a day off from work in their gated community, where the entirety of the story takes place. The world which once seemed so desirable and infinite becomes a prison of their own doing.

— Brad Bischoff