Aether began when three different sets of skills and interests came together with one big idea. Andrew, a photojournalism major with a background in film production challenged Davis, a biomedical engineer, to build a drone capable of flying a small DSLR camera. After seeing the results and capabilities, they were instantly hooked. Kyle joined not long after to help manage content, sales and marketing. Since then, Aether has transformed into a multimedia production company that excels at executing high-end video content.

Aether designs and operates a comprehensive variety of remote controlled camera-rigs to ensure no angle or perspective is out of reach. We use our knowledge of complex film tools to bring stunning visuals to life. With backgrounds in film, storytelling, engineering and robotics, we bring a modern and technical mindset to video production. In most recent endeavors, Aether has expanded to include a virtual reality department due to the emerging demand for 360 content.

Aether engages in full service production from concept to final delivery along with contracted work for our specialty equipment and expertise. We’ve worked on a wide variety of projects including corporate pieces, commercials, music videos, feature length films, television episodes and independent pieces.